Megan Bomgaars is a well known self-advocate with Down Syndrome, an artist and a rising entrepreneur. Loving to share her life experiences with others, she has developed her skills as a public speaker and travels across the country giving keynote speeches and presentations on a variety of topics.

Recently, Megan wrote about her life experiences and her beliefs about being fully included in her community while overcoming limitations. Working with her teachers at school she composed a popular video called, “Don’t Limit Me”. Megan truly lives by her motto and she is an inspiration to her wide circle of friends and family.

Megan has taken a lifetime of creative experiences and turned them into a full-time passion. Whether it is painting, journaling, singing or working with color, she has done it all with her own unmistakable style! As a surface design artist she creates original, one-of-a-kind textiles and fabrics by incorporating unusual techniques such as dyeing with ice, manipulating fiber reactive dyes and the use of colorants. Megan is an ardent observer of her surroundings and is always ready for the unexpected color or element to catch her eye and influence her next project…

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