Megan lives by her motto, ‘Don’t Limit Me’.

Don’t Limit Me by Megan Bomgaars

Hi teachers in the Douglas County School District
My name is Megan Bomgaars
and I am here to help you with your kids in your classrooms
with a disability or without a disability.
I am going to show you how to teach your students the right way.
I am a special person.
When I was in school I made alot of friends.
I was in regular classes with a para for support.
I learned with the other students in the regular classroom.
I became a cheerleader in high school.
I was the first cheerleader in the state with Down Syndrome.
My cheerleading team went on to state and we went on to nationals
where we won our national sportsmanship award in Washington D.C.
Since I have been out of high school, I was a fashion model in a
Global Down Syndrome Foundation fashion show and I used to
work at the Mile High Down Syndrome Association where I helped
them with events.
I now go to the Bridge Program in Highlands Ranch where I am learning how
to be a public speaker.
I have alot of skills.
I have alot of dreams.
What I want to say to you is
DON’T LIMIT ME by thinking that I can’t learn in your classroom.
DON’T LIMIT ME by thinking that I will always need someone to help me.
DON’T LIMIT ME by having low expectations for me.
Include me, and all of your students, in your circle of learning
while you are planning for my World Class Education.
Think about how I have the same needs as all students.
We all need life skills, we all need work skills.
I need for you to teach me skills beyond reading and math.
Teach me how to learn. Teach me how to act.
Think about what I need to know and be able to do when I leave school.
Help me to learn to be independent in class.
Help me to learn to be independent with friends.
Help me to learn to be independent, and safe, moving around our school.
Teach me to be independent so I can become an independent adult.
I need to work independently.
I need to speak up for myself.
DON’T LIMIT ME by teaching me to depend on others.
Teach me respect, because respect is give and take.
Hold me to the same behavior expectations as others in your classroom.
Teach me how to behave and excel in your class.
DON’T LIMIT ME by making me your class mascot!
Teach me what you expect from me.
Set high expectations, not impossible expectations.
There is a difference, you know.
You will learn alot from me.
Good teachers teach and learn from their students.
I will teach you alot about yourself.
I will teach your students about people with disabilities.
we will teach our school how to be an inclusive community.
You, my teacher, are the person who is going to teach me
power, passion, love and independence.
And, I will become a powerful, passionate, loving, and independent adult.
So please….DON’T LIMIT ME!
My name is Megan Bomgaars. Thank you for your time today.
Have a wonderful school year!

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